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Clock In 01:47
No no no. I don't wanna go to school. No, mama. I don't wanna listen to rules. Teacher's are mean, don't help me understand these words that run off onto my hand. Can't you see? Just watch the TV. Bullies everywhere. Ambushing from trees. I hate the mornings and the sound of cars. Driving from county to county. Work is so far. Child-mob chasing me into the bathroom to steal my lunch money No smiles on the street Not a damn thing's funny. I don't like my school. The popular kids are fools. Ditch detention, ditch class, ditch everything at last. I'm free. I don't wanna go to school. Teachers are rude and I dislike their rules. Calling in sick today. Don't wanna go to school, I only wanna play. Got better things to do than sit around trying to focus Staring at the clock for hours. I'm gone, like Hocus Pocus.
They always make you feel bad for having yr own way. I never know how they find the time to enslave. To race around with so many people at their fingertips. They use and abuse because they don't have feelings. They keep you reeling as they set you up for more. I ain't got time for backstabbing people like that. That's not a friend, or even someone you should respect. If they were a real friend, this would've not happened. It's like, if they ever see you shine... In their mind, it's time for yr decline. That's not a real friend, my friend. You can do better without them.
Did you think it was supposed to be so bad? As if I lost every single thing that I had? No, no, no. I'm fine. Thanks for asking. I'm over all those shit-tests, because I passed them. When we get down to the nitty gritty, it seems you want pity. Why, I don't know. You never earned yr part in the show. There were no words you said because you keep it in yr head. Leave me for dead? Oh, hell no! Too bad! Because, I'm fine. Everything's alright. Yr smile doesn't matter because it was always a fight. Are you even emotionally bright? Please don't even waste my time, I'm fine. Can't you see I'm alright? Even as hard as you tried to blame-shift and blight? When the mask begins to slip you better hold tight. Some are never real, horrific truth, living lies. I'm alright. Everything's alright. Go tell yr mommy all that hatred and spite. 'Cause when it comes down to friends or fight, some just project their ineptitude onto innocent lives.


This EP is a remix of Moldy Ghetto's 1996 "Free Sessions EP", featuring newly recorded parts played by Jaime Munárriz and original MG drummer, Tim Whiteford.

Run time: 9:48


released November 12, 2018

Nicholus Parrott : Egmond Kansas 2 ES 1 Electric Guitar
hCrink: Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII Analog Cassette 4-Track at Hot Damn! Sept, 1996


Jaime Munárriz : Trumpet (2)
Recorded by Jaime Munárriz in Spain Dec, 2017

Timothy Whiteford : Percussion (2)
Recorded by Nicholus Parrott at CGR June, 2018

Newly mixed by Nicholus Parrott at CGR Nov, 2018


Also available:

"Mental Breakthrough EP"


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